We ate, drank, and laughed.

Today was the company’s away day, where I met most of the board members. Lunch, meeting, discussions, tea, coffee, and finally a Christmas dinner. We ate, drank and laughed.

Being the youngest in the whole company, not just in terms of age but also experience, I continued to be amazed by who are part of the company. They have the wisdom and experience. To guide and give reassurance. And inspiring.

But, the point is, we all ate, drank, and laughed. Together. At that moment came the sense of belonging.

“Don’t take life too seriously.” said Farooq.

When we said goodbye, we had a group hug like in the cheesey American films, and hugged goodbye for a fantastic 2010 (despite a super short one, for me), and walked confidently towards a more exciting 2011.

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