To-do list, unchecked.

I enjoy my job tremendously yet, sometimes, I feel prisoned. Prisoned by the chores I need to do every Sunday, by the pressure I put upon myself financially, by a relationship that needed extra effort because of distance, and most of all, by the suppressed anger of not being able to be as free as before.

My life became a long to-do list, all items unchecked.


They were right… whoever said “the older you are, the less courage you have”. Becoming became submissive to routine / system where everything is in order, I did not insist on being stubborn to have the “want”, a desire to live, to go out there and do things, to take risks.

Look at My Intiative180 – a terrible failure itself. I succeeded at one thing, and that was it. There was zero progress on anything else. That is how my life became.

For life to go on, chores need to be done, practical factors need to be considered, responsibilities need to be taken. I know, I have limited time, but, can I promise myself one thing today?

Every week, I will to do one thing that I want to do and start checking things off that to-do list of mine.

2 thoughts on “To-do list, unchecked.

  1. I secretly hope sushi making and shopping are somewhere in your long to do list.

    BIG BEAR HUG for you.

    Your life is beautiful, don’t undermine it. Chores can be exciting, depends on how you view it and do it:)

    Jia you:)

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