The Stories I Tell

One of the important words that represent the work my company does is “storytelling”. The AD tells stories well – he is a great artist. The Producer tells stories well – he is a charismatic leader and great marketer.

I know I tell crap stories, for whatever reason or excuse. But I guess all it takes is practice.

What are the stories you tell when you:

  • First meet a new acquaintance / friend-to-be / business-partner-to-be?
  • Step into the office after a long weekend and see a colleague who you are not particularly close to but a colleague anyhow?
  • Ring up your lover / partner, with whom you are in a long-distance relationship?
  • Meet a long-lost friend, cousin, relative?

Do you:

  • change the way you live to lead an interesting life, so your stories are interesting by default?
  • change the way you read life, so even the most mundane life becomes interesting because of a different perspective?
  • change the way you tell stories, so that even the simplest plot sounds epic?

Story 1: This was taken by accident. I was cleaning the lens of the camera but my friend decided to press the shutter at the same time.

Story 2: ???

Whichever way, I wish I could tell good stories one day. That’s also when my blog becomes a good read, I guess 🙂

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