The men on screen

I just had this strong impulse to write about the things I like. I clicked on “Add new page” and couldn’t comprehend – why would it be such a static concept? Don’t they belong to a “post”, as the list changes as time passes by, to reflect a change in the degree of maturity, a change of taste, a change of perspective and others?

So a Post it is.

Tonight I write about the list of male actors who I like :
Tom Hardy
Sam Worthington
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I just came back from watching Premium Rush – nearly missed it as it was not showing on my favourite cinema which normally has the type of movies that appeals more to me – AND I LOVED IT. The story telling was so refreshing, facts after facts after facts (even though in the wrong order), like life itself – instead of “I am trying to be a movie here” that has moments filled with OMG, beauty and inspiration.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was FLIPPING amazing. One thing that I noticed about him in this movie was his body language that formed part of his acting. I am not talking about the obvious ones – “I throw the helmet when I’m angry”, I meant the subtle cues, the quality of movements of his character. Very often actors focus on facial expressions and texts, but when the body language speaks for itself, that, in my opinion, is what makes him/her special.

(And damn, love that voice of his.)

More on Tom and Sam some other time!

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