Telling too much and being exclusive

“Why do we need a newsletter?!” The producer questioned, “Isn’t Facebook good enough?”

“It is different though, and there are some people who don’t use Facebook.” My colleague commented.

“I have asked on Facebook whether people would prefer Facebook or newsletter to get updates. Response was 50/50.” I added.

“See, the typical thing of letting the audience tell you what to do.” The producer sneered, “I’m not convinced of this trend whereby everyone puts themselves out there. There should be a bit of mystery and sense of exclusivity. But if we want to do it, do it in a classy way.”

The debate: What determines whether we will be elusive and exclusive, or approachable and accessible? The industry we are in, or us, the brand/work/position in the local and global industry?

Most authors teeter ungracefully between craving for publicity and dread of it. Reticence is the soul of art, but there is pressure to state and reveal everything; it’s easy to become a rent-a-quote or a “personality”.  – Hilary Mantel

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