Signed up to Race For Life!

“Cancer, we’re coming to get you!” Race for Life, fundraising event by Cancer Research

I am doing my first run. First outdoor run and first something for charity.

Screenshot of Race For Life Sponsor Me page

You could say it was an impulsive act of mine (once again, just like skydiving) – I signed up last night i.e. 5 nights before the Race for Life at Hampstead Heath and intend to train for 3-4 days. My fundraising target was a mere £50.

“It’s my first 5k – it’d be fun,” I thought, “And surely I can find, in 4 days, 10 friends to donate £5 each?”

The fun factor was much more significant than the cause, but how life makes funny arrangements.

This morning as I was browsing the Daily Briefing on The Week (top 10 stories of the day), both news no 7 and no 9 were about cancer – Pierce Brosnan’s daughter, aged 41 died of cancer, and so did actor Jim Kelly, aged 67.

“We all know at least a person who is fighting / fought cancer.” I wrote on my JustGiving page.

Screenshot of Race for Life Sponsor Me page on my story

I suddenly was determined to do the run. The tagline “Cancer, we are coming to get you!” became quite literal.

Thoughts on fundraising:

When you made effort to do something about a subject, it raises your awareness to that subject anyhow even if it is not something that you were passionate about. If the subject is innately good, at least you will feel a certain kind of fondness to it.

Would arts be able to do the same?

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