Power Plate taster

When the “Ditch Gym, Dance More” idea was brewing in my head, I thought of Power Plate.

There was a Power Plate machine in my university gym and I never knew why it sounded so amazing… not that I was curious enough to go google at that point (I absolutely regret it now!).

At a minimum of £20 for 20 minutes (and since my local gym doesn’t have it… it’s a posh equipment after all), I didn’t think I would have done a class so quickly but my dear friend Yuen Leng found us a voucher to go for a taster session, at a price slightly cheaper than a mug of Starbucks coffee. So today I woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual and marched into that fitness studio 30 minutes away.

About halfway through the session, I was already convinced this is good stuff.

It wasn’t just about standing there and breaking down and shaking off the fat, thank god. DUH.

We did various exercises on the Power Plate, all not so unfamiliar after all, including some step class stuffs, squats, plank… even Pilates Hundreds made into the workout menu.

But because all was done on the Power Plate, it was harder work than I thought.

The same old moves that I know, but the energy needed to use the same muscles alongside all other muscles to help stabilise the moves was about at least 10 times more. Like dancing on an angled stage (not that I have been on one though)!

If you heard from somewhere  that it takes 200 muscles to take a single step, now imagine you feel all those muscles working when you walk, every, step.

Yup, that’s how I felt. Blardy hell. I thought to myself whilst I wiped the sweat off my forehead.

Miraculously, after the session, the soreness in my body from those extra classes and planks and sit ups and push ups in the past few days disappeared as well! I mean, seriously? There is something on earth that works your body hard and relaxes it at the same time??

Whatever that was, I walked out of the studio feeling nice and refreshed, as if I just did a ballet lesson PLUS a massage session.

Too bad it won’t be soon that I get to continue working on a Power Plate, but I certainly have a good impression! I’m glad I got to try something new.

2 thoughts on “Power Plate taster

    • I don’t know what theories the power plate company itself uses to market the product, but I feel it’s because if you do exercises that require stablisation, it takes more work to do those exercises ie burn more calories.

      Not like sauna where you just sweat… No such thing as free calories loss!

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