No one is perfect. That, I know. But some people strive for perfection, some don’t. I am the one who have always strived to be perfect without any doubts – I don’t swear, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t skip classes, always positive, always smiling, always good results (from primary school to university), and now I turn around and realise… maybe I could have lived a little bit more different.

* * *

“I just want to be perfect.” Nina whispered.

This was the line in the movie “Black Swan”.

I smiled when Thomas replied, “Perfection is not just about control. It is also about letting go.”

I remember those days when I started training with Celeste, the teacher who suggested I should go to a club to see how people let loose and just… dance. My dance training gradually shifted from ballet to jazz, it was liberating. I didn’t stop ballet but it improved.

That was why I smiled when I read that. I understood.

* * *

Now this applied in real life. Especially at workplace.

I was just trying to be perfect, but not a lot of things went right in the end… Am I trying too hard, or not? Should I stop trying? Or should I not?

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