Opinionated but let someone be in charge

I am determined to be a strong candidate who is capable of the job role. It seems like I have succeeded because I got the job. In the past year on the job, I made my big mistakes. Now, I am determined to revert to the confident-self like when I first started.

I am learning to be a leader like my boss – the very primary reason I approached him in the first place. I see in him – opinionated, great public speaking skills, and confidence of making decisions. Eager to prove to him that I am still the capable person he hired a year ago, and since then have learnt the way he thinks, I voiced out my opinions before he spoke (or instructed what I should do).

Did I make him feel like he is not in charge? Did it just show that I am an immature “wanna-be”?

How do I find a balance between “learning” and “showing the growth”?

(But I am not him, I don’t have the same capacity and intelligence and wittiness he has. I must have strengths, work around it and build up my personality?)

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