One failure and more items in My Initiative180

If I move my ass out of this chair right after this post, I might actually feel the fire in my life again… after one failure and more items added to My Initiative180.

I have not been blogging for about 3 weeks. 6 saved drafts within this period don’t mean a thing. Not a chance.

In this period, I haven’t been feeling proactive either.¬†That feeling of “just surviving”, living for the sake of living. Though strangely some good things happened too:

  • I got my visa which allows me to stay in England to work (or slack) for two years
  • I got a job offer from my dream company, contract length is hopefully two years too.
  • I found a new place to stay for at least the next 6 months. (The house is simple but located in an absolutely gorgeous place in South East London)
  • I sorted out my holiday to Malaysia in December and Uganda in October.

… which brings me to another confession:

I borrowed some money from my parents to buy the flight ticket to Uganda. (It is supposed to be one of my initiatives, to earn or save money to buy it myself)


Which brings me to adding another item to the list:

Make a financial investment.

Making more money from not just my day-job has always been on my mind. But my dad is right, if I don’t even have an income yet forget about investments. Now that I am close to having one, I should start looking into this already.

… And all other additional items added on the list… (to be continued because I can’t just sit here and write anymore! I am dying to DO something NOW!)

3 thoughts on “One failure and more items in My Initiative180

  1. you sound like me, love. I just quit both my jobs recently and I’m a bit financially constraint at the moment too. It’s okay to reach the low points, life is somewhat of a sine wave isn’t it? I’m sure you’ll be coming up and about again. You’re doing so well, just think about it. You have so much going on for you and I can’t wait to catch up with you when I come visit!!!! *major hint…

    keep it going love!

  2. In all honesty I failed myself for having a result by not even going through process. I am not close to how well you are doing though, Steph! And what is that MAJOR hint about!? When are you coming!???! I just moved and have a bed enough for two! ;)) Thanks for encouragement!

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