My perfect recipe (maybe)

I was cleaning my room yesterday, chucking and giving things away (again). So I threw away a big pile of papers – university papers. The ones I wrote, and the lecturers’ comments sheet. Somehow, I thought one day, I would read them again.

When I piled them up, I suddenly realise actually I hated university (minus the final year with my brilliant housemates). It took me 5 years… or 1 year after actually graduating.

It was a very typical/non-typical day today. Typical, because I went to work and then went to gym after work. Non typical, because I worked in Starbucks half the day (while waiting for embassy documents) and stayed in the office for about 2 hours and had pizza and a piece of cake.

When I came home and browsed the tweets of people I follow, I suddenly realise that I have finally found the combination of things that works best for me; my favourite recipe that allows me to work and live in London, to be in a long-distance relationship, to be who I am and want to be. It took me 8 months- one third of the time I’m due in the UK with a valid visa.

Yes. It took me a while but was I gutted? Why didn’t I be smart enough to realise these things earlier? The answer is no. Because the point is now: In the past 2 weeks, I have never been happier possibly since I came to London.

(The one question to think of is probably: how did I come to this realisation?)

  • I started dancing again.
  • I learnt to knit (despite not completing anything yet but I want to keep trying).
  • I have been fuelled by a lot of positive energy – the kind of confidence, energy and sunshine that one could have from within.
  • There are a whole lot of things I am so looking forward to: my June list, plus starting morning pages/30g of protein in the first 30 minutes of waking up (this has to be either/or, I’m afraid!), our one-year anniversary Skype date <3, going to a Salsa club, watching Voices in the Alleyway and Jasmin Vardimon, etc.

I also did:

  • Cut my hair short + start wearing dangly earrings
  • Ditch gym
  • Stop using two smartphones (since my Blackberry died)
  • Meet Colin Wright with Yuen Leng and Dan Vo

Yet I didn’t:

  • Stop working
  • Stop picking fights with Tyas (a girl being a girl, has to complain and pick fights, apparently) (very important!)
  • Move to a new place/change a new environment
  • Stop eating (very important!)
  • Stop going to the cinema every week (if I do, I will watch two movies in a day instead)

Let’s see – give me a combination of:




Let’s see how long I can last. Hopefully, forever. Cheers 🙂

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