Looking forward to

In the next one month, I look forward to:

  • Starting and getting into my “Ditch Gym, Dance More” exercise routine.
  • Finishing these 3 books:
  • Learn something about Social Media for Organisations, and do one thing about it.
  • Finishing a handmade item
  • Learning Argentinian Tango with Rojo y Negro
  • Making someone’s day as often as possible

8 thoughts on “Looking forward to

  1. 1) Agreed. Gyms are awful. I go though sometimes when I feel like bashing myself up.
    2) KAZUO ISHIGURO IS GENIUS !!! I’ve cried through that book dozens of times
    3) I’ll send you some good stuff on that. Check out slideshare.net for quick learning on corporate/non profit SM
    4) You made my day 🙂

  2. Love kazuooo!! Read ‘nocturne’ and loved it. Tracey Emins… Planning to go southbank to see her stuff soon 🙂

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