Like a Boss

Now I am not feeling solid about my career. Being able to intern for my dream dance company and learn from the producer is a dream which I have not properly thought that would have come true. It will be the most stupidest thing I could have done if I do not use this opportunity well  in terms of increasing my career prospects and professional development.

What should I do to make myself valuable through this experience? I have been thinking. So far I felt that I am completing tasks, but that is not good enough. So I thought I should go that extra mile next time when I step into the office.

After hearing my ramblings, Tyas just told me one thing:

“Think like a boss.”

Thinking from this perspective, suddenly I saw the things that I could have done while completing the tasks. These are the things that I would not have ever thought about if my mindset was “go that extra mile”.

Enough of being a humble intern. Dream big. From now on, I will think like a boss.

PS: This song doesn’t make sense at any point but its title is called Like A Boss by The Lonely Island. IMO these guys don’t make bad beats at all.

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