Kony 2012 – 1


KONY 2012 is no doubt a great film in its own way – nicely edited with a variety of images and a key message of “STOP KONY”. You have to watch it!

But Kony 2012 campaign itself, started by Invisible Children (IC), is controversial and I’m still trying to take sides. (Hence the “1” in the title. When I sort out my thoughts, there will be “2”.)

One of the more debated points is that only 31% of monetary donation to IC goes to the victims (kids). But when someone questioned, “$80,000 per annum salary for the founder?”… It really made me stop and think – these charity workers are working for a good cause, how does it mean that they are worthless and do not deserve a fair salary? (just the fact that they created a viral video raising awareness all around the internet world is worth it, no?)

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