Just a little bit of kindness

Life is rough. But when I heard these stories and experienced them myself, the effect is powerful because sometimes when you give a little, you get back so much more.


Did you know that there are still kind souls out there who picked up a purse/wallet with cash in it and would contact the owner to return it, intact?

True story which happened to someone I know just last week.


Did you know when landlords get a simple email or text like that: “Hi, sorry I will not take the room [because …] but thanks for the offer! Hope you find a suitable tenant soon.”,¬†they really appreciate it?

Not just one landlord who I was in touch with told me this.


Did you know a smile and a hello for the cashiers at Sainsbury’s Tottenham Court Road gives you heaps back – genuinely happy service and a short friendly conversation?

That’s why I like going to that store although it does not sell all the groceries I want.


Life is rough, but there are so many chances for us to show a little kindness and appreciation. Do you believe in little changes you can make for a better world?

Pay it forward : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pay_it_forward

Acts of Kindness : http://www.actsofkindness.org/

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