Joining the very scary Initiative180

Stephanie Lee is a very special friend of mine. She launched this Initiative180 project last month – everyday she will be doing something that scares her, for 180 days.

(Check it out. She has been working hard on the challenge itself as much as promoting the blog and connecting with the wider blogosphere.)

When she called me (from USA!) to tell me about it, I told her that I would join in the initiative. It is an idea that I love, but … (here comes the excuse) at that point, I was living with my boyfriend Tyas who would have gone back to his home country and not return till 2012. *Naturally*, I wanted to spend as much time with him as I can. So it didn’t really quite happen… until now.


Tyas went home two days ago. I lived a normal life for two days, plus random outbreak of tears in any time of the day – on public transport, on the streets, under the duvet, in the shower etc.

Tears, are nothing.

When we hugged goodbye at the airport, I made a promise to Tyas – to be strong, for him. I sobbed and nodded. It is a promise to myself too.

A promise is a promise. We said we will get through this together.


Although I say I’m joining Initiative180, I don’t have the sort of challenges that Steph does for the project (yet?). I haven’t thought this through in detail, so “Join” might not be even the correct word. Anyhow, here is my list:

# 1: Learn about love

#2: Buy a flight ticket to Tyas’ country for end of October / December

#3: Babysit

#4: Get a UK driving license by December

(EDITED: The most updated list is now here.)

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