Is it OK to be a middle class?

I got my first Les Mis experience yesterday – on movie. (Yes, shamefully, I hadn’t watched the musical let alone read the book.)

Whilst I enjoyed the multilayered story, I was made uncomfortable and on a certain degree, questioned the fact that Marius who “pretended to be poor” and fought for the revolution, after the whole thing failed terribly, he married Cosette eventually in a beautiful home which I guess it’s his family’s and that they lived happily ever after. A friend said that that’s the self-indulgent part of middle class productions, no matter what the context was, the ultimate message was that we all would be seeking our own happiness.

I joined BERSIH movement since last April. Whilst I believed in the cause, was what I did – walking on the streets and spreading the word online – enough? Why did I believe in the cause in the first place – was it because I was a bored middle class where I needed some entertainment and hobby that made me feel good? Just like going volunteering for a day in Uganda, something that really just makes me feel like I’ve done something great and worth a pat on my own shoulder? And is this – being a middle class – OK?

(Does this relate to class, generation, upbringing…?)

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