I am nameless and identity-less

For the first time, I feel that I am part of a big group. I didn’t mean in the sense of “sense of belonging”. I mean a group of people who are categorised by bureaucracy. In this group, I am nameless and identity-less, and most of all, plain dodgy.

In this group, I am under-qualified, even though I studied the same degree for the same amount of time as my fellow course mates. If any difference, it would be that I got a first class degree (by luck?). In this group, it became synonymous the jobs of these degree-holders who now work and fight for this industry are not graduate-level. Maybe because we can only ensure the lives of people are enriched spiritually but we don’t drive any money. Too bad I am a non-EU, I finally see how much art workers are valued.

So, this is how much I am worth by working in the arts. I shall remain nameless and identity-less to the bureaucrats.

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