For: Fang Yi

A person can be as famous as (s)he can be, or as good in what (s)he does as (s)he can be. Just like Fang-Yi. And there are lots of them.

At the same time, a person can also be as humble as (s)he can be. Just like Fang-Yi. But they are hard to find.


I suppose, when one gets famous, gets confident, gets to be one of the best, there is a sense of entitlement, which is different from being too proud.

I am not talking about the work that one does. A good artist doesn’t produce great art and and stop there. A good artist recognise that there is so much more to learn, to dig, to refine, to journey through. I think an artist rarely would stop creating and exploring.

But what comes with the title of being a great artist, is entitlement. One is entitled to join the glam parties, entitled to first class travel, entitled to a studio at one’s disposal. None of which is wrong.


Is the opposite of entitlement, gratitude?

Because one is entitled to first class travel, when offered a first class ticket, it is how it should be.

Because one is entitled to do whatever one wants, when one gets whatever one wants, it is how it should be.

(Sometimes, it endangers the art.)

Gradually, there is no more gratitude. There is nothing else worth appreciating, because all became entitlement.


“We must always be grateful. When you are grateful, you heart opens. And when you open your heart, only you can truly love others.” 

Over the months, I learnt truth in this statement.

Grateful means you recognise that no one owes you. (no entitlement). If no one owes you, you will feel at ease. When you feel at ease, the heart opens up because there is nothing to hide, nothing to be kept. And that’s when you see the beauty in each person, and love them.


Fang-Yi was the one who said the statement above. I have all my respect and love for this angelic dancer, and I am sure I am not the only one who sees her in this light:

Not just a dancer (article in Chinese)

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