Learn to Dance through Life

I used to dance a whole day. I used to dance everyday. And I used to say I owe dance everything.

Ever since I started working – be it during placement year at a dance advocacy organisation, or now having a full-time job at a dance company – I stopped dancing.

Then I had my “Ditch Gym, Dance More” plan. I went to ballet class – only once a week, but I realise I can never really not dance… because everything I know about living life, I learn from dance.

Actually, it is a pretty peculiar thing. In 90 minutes, in that space not amazingly big, everyone does the same thing – dance. We do the same steps. No talking. Just bodies moving.

Because it is an open class, there are professional dancers, casual dancers and beginners. You see how they move, and then you realise why we are who we are.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. – Martha Graham.

When I go to a dance class, I learn about Attitude.

Yes, it is about what God gave you – your body. The ones with the “right” body are just lucky. But how you use your tool, the body, is pretty much down to yourself. This how, is what distinguishes the average and the good, the good and the great.

Just this fuels and gives me strength to face the “real” life beyond the studio.

Because it is the same in life. It is down to you, how you live your life in the same environment. It is the attitude you have that distinguishes you from everyone else around you.

We all just need to learn how to dance through life.

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