Dance or no dance

I’m baffled.

Finally I see – after Bloom Festival last weekend, and a year after I started working for this dance company which is absolutely amazing – that I could never run away from dance, the art. All the efforts of trying to “branch out” and be more “versatile” (“look, I know more than dance!”), I let a part of me decay.

I already work in dance but I still want more of it. I am so excited by my job, I want to bring it into another context, look at it critically and discuss it with others.

They say in the arts, we do it for love. When asked what he does outside of work, Akram says, (apart from spending time with family) he meets up with good friends who are artists themselves and they eventually talk about art, which means work.

Isn’t this the most amazing thing about working in the arts – that it doesn’t haven’t to be arts=work. What about watching an inspiring and beautiful dance performance, connecting with a painting or image hung on the wall, or being challenge by a theatre piece? Aren’t these the very reasons we work in the arts in the first place?

I’m baffled. Am I alone here, being a workaholic?

One thought on “Dance or no dance

  1. Nope. My life revolves around art, be in watching a movie, dissecting a painting, feeling fresh air in a run…Art is life, life is art. 

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