Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet

Must admit – I recognised the name, mainly because of The Adjustment Bureau.
Whilst I normally avoid shows by company related to “ballet”, I was captivated by the trailer of the show.
So I decided it’d be good to go.

Collected ticket, seated, start.

I asked, “Are you the usual ballet dancers?”
“In 15 seconds, you will decide whether you like the show.” (voiceover)
OK, unusual start. Don’t confront me.

Then they crouched, as low as possible.
Live musicians.
Ah, it’s Hofesh.

And they moved, like a beast, with so much grace.
They flew and landed, and there was not a sound.
It was quiet, like a secret.

Hofesh drained all your energy
and asked you to be still.
And be still, you won’t.

But I didn’t get the story – I found no relationships.
Live music didn’t matter, might have just sounded the same…

“I should talk less, do more, maybe then people will like me.” (voiceover)
And you continued to act on the secret;
the secret that I don’t know.


I would get a programme, but I had only card.
So I walked to Stage Door to get some fresh air and to decide whether to get some cash,
And saw a dancer sneaked out for a ciggy
I was then sure I have time to go to the cash point.
But whatever. I will get programme and M&Ms, on card.

Bell rang.

It was so light hearted,
And we laughed.
It was not new,
the woosh and taks shown through quirky moves
but it reminded me of New York.
It works, but probably not again.

Interval. Curiosity. Googled.

Why is the company not touring much?
Founded by Wal-Mart heiress – wow!
What do they do when they don’t tour?
What is their business model?

OK, last piece, Crystal Pite. Expectations, sky high.

The soundscape was amazing,
as well as the set.
Maybe so was the choreography,
But all I was starting at, were
The dancers.

What are they?

Are they beasts with grace, in the most risk taking way?
Are they artificial beings, with incredible control in these falls and twirls?

I kept searching for answers.
But abruptly it ended.
Left me in an empty car park space, or an abandoned train station.

They came out and bow. In a line, hand in hand.
There was no hierarchy, and I found them incredibly contemporary.

So I said to myself,
Maybe it’s time again to see New York City.

Cedar Lake Cast bow

Cedar Lake Programme and Ticket

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