Birthday Wishlist

I am not a big birthday celebration type of person but this year, 2012, I am using it as an excuse to draw up a wish list.

If you are reading this, please would you be kind enough to help me a step closer to what I want to do?

  • Travel funds: Airmiles, air tickets, hotel vouchers
  • Memberships to art institutions (e.g. Tate Modern, Royal Academy of Art, Barbican other membership schemes that I didn’t know existed)
  • A sturdy, lovely umbrella
  • Camera accessories: tripod; flash gun; camera shop vouchers
  • Books: Your favourite book – poems collections (Charles Bukowski?), personal development, or any Jonah Lehrer;¬†Amazon vouchers; Kindle vouchers.
  • iTunes voucher – to download and keep my favourite films
  • Apple voucher – to get a new laptop

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