Being humane: Duck video and the responses

I laughed so hard when I saw this video. I watched it 20 times, I laughed 20 times. Those ducklings were so cute!

But people said, “You are cruel! You shouldn’t laugh! They are in pain!”

They have a point but they missed another point – which I personally think is a better point – “When you fall down, just get up and keep walking.”

0:06-0:08, Mama duck saw the ducklings stumbling around and panicked. That’s humane.

0:22-0:27, one little fella rushed to its brother to check on him. That’s humane.

0:27-0:30, another little fella ran to his mum. That’s humane.

0:34, Mama duck shook her feather and kept walking, proudly; ducklings followed her footsteps. That… you don’t see a lot of human beings who even think of doing that, do you? (Instead, we fall and then complain how much it hurts, or too embarrassed to keep walking.)

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