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You must know someone who has the latest piece of technology, but it has never been fully utilised and reach its potential. In fact, if you know me, then I am one of the someone.

So my eyes were wide open when I attended the Creative + Digital event “Mobile Apps Showcase” #attheSpa yesterday, organised by @TheLoopVideo at IdeasTap HQ.

The apps that were showcased really went beyond the function of utility, and beyond my imagination. They were beautifully made, well-thought out, and gave information in a way that only an iPad app could give. They provided a whole new user experience.

Rethink the terminology of app. Make one very well.

Explore Shakespeare is the one particular app that got me really excited. It broke down the barriers between Shakespeare in a really contemporary way. Word clouds, mood charts, built-in Apple dictionary; visuals and sounds in comparison became outdated.

I shall be downloading the Macbeth one and use it before I watch the adapted theatrical version played by James MacAvoy in March. Can’t wait!

Screenshot of the app

Explore Shakespeare App: Romeo and Juliet





Screenshot of word cloud and character circle

Contemporary way of explaining Shakespeare

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