A life story

“How would I describe my life story, in one word?” This is a question that I asked myself in Summer 2009. Perhaps ‘elegant’, I said that time.

I saw an acquaintance’s pictures on Facebook today. A very pretty mixed-race girl. In her profile picture, she was on someone’s shoulder, laughing. A very exotic background. It looks like she went travelling recently with some friends. Easy, easygoing. That’s how her life seems to be.

Then there are all other words that could describe one’s life story : routine, boring, exciting, calm, peaceful, playful, adventurous, dangerous, organised…

It is a state of mind, isn’t it, how you face life? Much more than what reality is offering.

“Start your future with a dream, not with your limitations.” 8 months since I learnt this, I seem already to be living a life others envy. Going on tour. Believing in my job. Doing something I love.

Perhaps it is time to change my state of mind. After having put effort and plan carefully – having first an organised life, then elegant (where everything is in balance), I reached this stage. I think, it’s time to have a playful life instead.

It is time to play.

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