Being Brave

I started doing something new each month since May 2013. Each month, I started going to a new place and doing one thing new. It had been a wonderful experience so far, and more importantly, it felt like doing the right thing or fulfilling a promise (to myself?). Although, I didn’t know what that promise is exactly – it just gave the snug feeling of, “Yes, Jia Xuan, well done!!”

Upon reflection, it could be said that I am trying new things and making conscious decisions to face my fears.

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Signed up to Race For Life!

“Cancer, we’re coming to get you!” Race for Life, fundraising event by Cancer Research

I am doing my first run. First outdoor run and first something for charity.

Screenshot of Race For Life Sponsor Me page

You could say it was an impulsive act of mine (once again, just like skydiving) – I signed up last night i.e. 5 nights before the Race for Life at Hampstead Heath and intend to train for 3-4 days. My fundraising target was a mere £50.

“It’s my first 5k – it’d be fun,” I thought, “And surely I can find, in 4 days, 10 friends to donate £5 each?”

The fun factor was much more significant than the cause, but how life makes funny arrangements.

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