Merrily We Roll Along

There was a time when we were young, when we believed that anything could happen, when we knew that we would change the world. And we missed that time so dearly. 

But at the same time, I know and want “that time” to be now. I wanted so much to be by your side, when we could hold each other’s hand and believe, with all our heart, that we would be great together,  and we were here to change the world, to “show’em, tell’em”.


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Contradiction: Technology and Dance

One of the contradictions I live – both personally and professionally – is technology and dance.

Dance is the most raw form of expression. It is an activity that makes you connect with the body/shell/thing that you live in, that gives the most direct shape to your soul. To dance is to be control of this thing, or to deliberately not be in control.

To move is primitive.

Technology, in the most simple terms, is systems or tools that solve human problems. It allows human imagination take shape in the most logical way. Imagination drives “progression” in the most direct way (though, whether it improves or worsen human condition is another debate).

Technology is the future.

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