Dear Steph

Yesterday was a dear friend Stephanie’s graduation, and I can’t help but think about the journey me and her have been through.

We both received gruelling dance training and was taught the truth of dance (if any) under the same teachers in Malaysia. We both went off abroad to do a dance degree – me in UK, her in USA. From there we grew differently, but we went through the whole shibang of being a foreign student, identity crisis as Malaysians, and all the ups and downs being in dance, including exploring new and renewed passions. On top of that I always thought she has been through and also accomplished so much more than me.

So I am very proud of Steph. Four years, she made it till the end and more, and is just about to start another journey. VERY EXCITING TIMES AHEAD.

[And I don’t know why any good companies would NOT hire her – she is so intelligent (honestly, she swallows books like I do with food, and digests them like I wish what my body would with food!); energetic; fearless and… if that helps, pretty! ;)]

Steph and I at Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop backstage. Once upon a time. We've outgrown that now 🙂