The lesson: Painful yet more.

The mistake.
“Please. Please check again that you might have it somewhere in your bag.”
I begged. But no, the document was not there. My heart must have stopped for a second or two. My hands went ice cold. My head started spinning.

I – F**ED – UP. (Excuse my French, but compared to what has happened and the possible consequences, manners are the least I can take care of.)

This mistake was calamitous. Unforgivable. I compared it to Robert Green’s blunder in World Cup 2010… It just required ONE sentence, that I could have texted or said the night before or even that morning, to avoid it. Yes, I f’ed up, and very, very badly.

It happened. And then..

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Learn to Dance through Life

I used to dance a whole day. I used to dance everyday. And I used to say I owe dance everything.

Ever since I started working – be it during placement year at a dance advocacy organisation, or now having a full-time job at a dance company – I stopped dancing.

Then I had my “Ditch Gym, Dance More” plan. I went to ballet class – only once a week, but I realise I can never really not dance… because everything I know about living life, I learn from dance.

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My perfect recipe (maybe)

I was cleaning my room yesterday, chucking and giving things away (again). So I threw away a big pile of papers – university papers. The ones I wrote, and the lecturers’ comments sheet. Somehow, I thought one day, I would read them again.

When I piled them up, I suddenly realise actually I hated university (minus the final year with my brilliant housemates). It took me 5 years… or 1 year after actually graduating.

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What the old fortune-telling machines tell you

Who tells you who you are? Can only be the old fortune-telling machines.

A few friends and I went to the Isle of Wight went away for the bank holiday weekend last week. We rented a car and because I passed my driving test a week before on the 20th May 2011, I happily drove these peeps from our hotel to Rosemary Vineyard and then to The Needles Park. I do miss driving, sometimes!

Anyway… We stopped by a place called the Arreton Old Village. The village itself has a collection of barns arranged in the way that reflected an English village 1000 years ago. These barns are now, of course, shops selling local produce, tourist souvenirs etc.

Zodiac Machine

There was an old entertainment arcade, where the “Zodiac” stood. It is one of those “fortune-telling” machines, where you align the question you want to ask on the wheel to your zodiac sign, drop a dime and the indicator in the middle will reply: YES or NO.

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