The Stories I Tell

One of the important words that represent the work my company does is “storytelling”. The AD tells stories well – he is a great artist. The Producer tells stories well – he is a charismatic leader and great marketer.

I know I tell crap stories, for whatever reason or excuse. But I guess all it takes is practice.

What are the stories you tell when you:

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Power Plate taster

When the “Ditch Gym, Dance More” idea was brewing in my head, I thought of Power Plate.

There was a Power Plate machine in my university gym and I never knew why it sounded so amazing… not that I was curious enough to go google at that point (I absolutely regret it now!).

At a minimum of £20 for 20 minutes (and since my local gym doesn’t have it… it’s a posh equipment after all), I didn’t think I would have done a class so quickly but my dear friend Yuen Leng found us a voucher to go for a taster session, at a price slightly cheaper than a mug of Starbucks coffee. So today I woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual and marched into that fitness studio 30 minutes away.

About halfway through the session, I was already convinced this is good stuff.

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Looking forward to

In the next one month, I look forward to:

  • Starting and getting into my “Ditch Gym, Dance More” exercise routine.
  • Finishing these 3 books:
  • Learn something about Social Media for Organisations, and do one thing about it.
  • Finishing a handmade item
  • Learning Argentinian Tango with Rojo y Negro
  • Making someone’s day as often as possible


No one is perfect. That, I know. But some people strive for perfection, some don’t. I am the one who have always strived to be perfect without any doubts – I don’t swear, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t skip classes, always positive, always smiling, always good results (from primary school to university), and now I turn around and realise… maybe I could have lived a little bit more different.

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