Different Art

After being a member (a rather dormant one) for about 2 years, I finally attended my first Young Professionals in the Arts meet up on Wednesday.

Held at the James Hyman Gallery, it was the first time I spoke to professionals from the visual arts field – the very reason I kept putting off attending the group’s monthly event. The first term that got me puzzled was pop up show, and then names of various visual artists and galleries that I don’t have a clue. But I was learning.

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My photos goes on tour too: “Still Moving”

If you remembered this project I was involved in last year, my photos are finally going on tour, too!


Private viewing is on 17th March at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios at Elephant and Castle, London.

And how much I love the fact that it will be part of the opening of the new Canada Water library! (I live in Canada Water, and I am so looking forward to the opening of this library.)

To-do list, unchecked.

I enjoy my job tremendously yet, sometimes, I feel prisoned. Prisoned by the chores I need to do every Sunday, by the pressure I put upon myself financially, by a relationship that needed extra effort because of distance, and most of all, by the suppressed anger of not being able to be as free as before.

My life became a long to-do list, all items unchecked.


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