Optimism /Da bu liao

I remember people used to ask me, “How could you be so optimistic?” I couldn’t quite give an answer. Now I do. It is because of a phrase that I have not used for a very, very long time.

December+Snow+Heavy Snow+London

Not a very familiar combination. Heathrow Airport was closed. I monitored the airline website, airport website and weather forecast, like everyone else who was eager to fly out of this country. I nearly burst into tears when I know realistically, it is almost impossible that I can fly out tomorrow on time.

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We ate, drank, and laughed.

Today was the company’s away day, where I met most of the board members. Lunch, meeting, discussions, tea, coffee, and finally a Christmas dinner. We ate, drank and laughed.

Being the youngest in the whole company, not just in terms of age but also experience, I continued to be amazed by who are part of the company. They have the wisdom and experience. To guide and give reassurance. And inspiring.

But, the point is, we all ate, drank, and laughed. Together. At that moment came the sense of belonging.

“Don’t take life too seriously.” said Farooq.

When we said goodbye, we had a group hug like in the cheesey American films, and hugged goodbye for a fantastic 2010 (despite a super short one, for me), and walked confidently towards a more exciting 2011.

Being humane: Duck video and the responses

I laughed so hard when I saw this video. I watched it 20 times, I laughed 20 times. Those ducklings were so cute!

But people said, “You are cruel! You shouldn’t laugh! They are in pain!”

They have a point but they missed another point – which I personally think is a better point – “When you fall down, just get up and keep walking.”

0:06-0:08, Mama duck saw the ducklings stumbling around and panicked. That’s humane.

0:22-0:27, one little fella rushed to its brother to check on him. That’s humane.

0:27-0:30, another little fella ran to his mum. That’s humane.

0:34, Mama duck shook her feather and kept walking, proudly; ducklings followed her footsteps. That… you don’t see a lot of human beings who even think of doing that, do you? (Instead, we fall and then complain how much it hurts, or too embarrassed to keep walking.)