Life for rent

Imagine… instead of an estate agent, there is a “life” agent, where people can let their lives and rent someone else’s lives.

Imagine this life agent’s office is on high street. There are panels of advertisements which you can see through the glass window. On these panels are description of a person’s life.

Would you let your life to someone else? How much is it worth?

Would you want to rent someone else’s life? How long do you want it for?

Would you rent your life? Are you making your life so brilliant, that after shopping around for other lives, you decided that you want your own life back?

*Post inspired by Dido’s Life for Rent.

Investments Part 1

I keep a personal finance diary (because when I know where the money goes to, I somehow feel more secure. Yup, I record every single expenditure and am a*al like that.) and there is a category called “Investments”. Instead of the sort of financial investments that I added to My Initiative180 recently, this category covers expenses such as dance classes, performance and conference tickets/entry fee, books etc.

How do I compare this category’s expenses to others? Well, they are normally more expensive than things such as groceries and transport, cheaper than shopping and socialise. Yet why do I sometimes come up with excuses that sound like this: “I can’t go to the dance class/performance because I have been spending too much”?

If investment is supposed to give you something back, which to me, sounds like a good thing, why would I feel so reluctant to spend money on it?

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Why am I doing what I do?

I have a confession: When I heard some of my friends who has just graduated in another degree and earning more and even thrice as me, I got jealous. I started asking myself questions.

Are you saying that when 2 weeks of my post-graduation life was dedicated to crawling the web and travelling up and down of East and South East London, just to find a good room/house that is within my wee budget, these friends of mine are spending their time probably doing something much better with their time money?

Do they really mean it when they say a dance degree is useless and impractical?

What am I really, really doing now?

A career in arts management that I have carefully planned for, and now only in the beginning, can be totally disregarded as… useless?

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